Office of Rehabilitation and Development

ORD is composed of licensed forensic social workers and licensed forensic professional counselors who are sentencing specialists. The staff work with PDS and CJA clients who present a broad range of emotional, social, psychiatric, and substance abuse-related problems. The staff provide psychosocial assessments, individualized treatment plans, and sentencing recommendations on behalf of these clients to the Superior Court. Because ORD staff are well versed in all of the D.C. area rehabilitative programs (for example, drug treatment, job training, education programs, and parenting classes), they are frequently asked to provide consultation for judges, CJA lawyers, and others in the criminal justice system.  ORD produces annually a comprehensive Directory of Resources for Adults: Community and Confinement Access Guide and, biennially, a Directory of Youth and Family Services: Community and Confinement Access Guide that list a wide range of services available to adults and children in the criminal and juvenile justice systems. Many organizations and government officials’ offices request and receive copies of these directories for use with their clients and constituents.