Training on Brain Development

Criminal Justice Act New Panel Training Program

As required by the CJA plan, PDS facilitates training of all new members of the attorney panels and the investigator panel.

Regarding new members of the CJA attorney panel, PDS offers a pilot two-week, full-time program annually, for newly appointed CJA attorneys that is modeled after the skill-based portion of PDS’s own trial training program for its new attorneys.  The training is organized and implemented by PDS’s Training Director. The program includes opportunities for a small group of CJA attorneys to participate in mock exercises to develop or improve specific skills, such as opening statements, cross-examinations, direct examinations of expert witnesses, and closing arguments, and to receive performance critiques.  Follow-up training is also offered when preparing to transition to representing clients in jury trials. 

For additional information on upcoming new panel attorney training programs, please contact .  For information on upcoming investigator training, please contact .