Training Lawclerks

Law Clerkships for Law Students

The PDS Legal Clerkship Program allows law students to assist attorneys in all aspects of case preparation. PDS offers approximately 25 law clerk positions each semester and summer. Responsibilities include:

  • Perform legal and case-preparation research
  • Draft motions
  • Interview incarcerated and institutionalized clients
  • Represent juveniles and adults in institutional disciplinary hearings
  • Respond to inmate letter requests for legal assistance
  • Prepare pre-trial motions
  • Attend trial, parole hearings, and appellate arguments

We strongly prefer second and third-year law students, although those first-year students with relevant pre-law experience are encouraged to apply. During the summer we host a weeklong substantive training class as well as a trial advocacy skills building series taught by experienced trial attorneys.

PDS no longer accepts split summers, and requires that all law clerks commit to the full 10-week program. Law clerkships must be 40 hours per week during the summer and at least 15 hours per week during the academic year.